Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Save the Children Staff Debriefing and Counselors Supervision Consultancy Opportunity in Daadab Kenya

Terms of Reference

Role: Staff Debriefing and Counsellor Supervision Consultant
Duration: 4 days (between 4th to 7th November 2013)
Child Protection Level: Level 3
Save the Children has been operational in the Dadaab refugee camps since 2007 when a child protection programme was established. 

The programme is now one of Save the Children’s largest child protection programmes globally. 

The programme provides and supports holistic and comprehensive social welfare support to children within four of the refugee camps and the local host community, as well as integrating informal education and livelihood support. 

Services provided include: individual support to vulnerable children and carers from case workers, placement of unaccompanied children into foster care, resettlement to third countries, psychological counselling, referral to other services (notably education and livelihood-support) and liaison with statutory duty bearers such as the police and District Children’s Officer as well as UNHCR and other humanitarian agencies, and local leaders.  

Support is also provided to local, community-based child protection structures such as child welfare committees, child education and welfare centres and children’s clubs. 

As such the Save the Children team come into contact with and support children who experience a range of protection concerns including sexual and gender-based violence and abuse, neglect and abuse within homes and communities, commercial exploitation, and direct experience of conflict. 

The Save the Children child protection team has 104 staff members and includes Child Protection managers and coordinators, case workers, community outreach staff, paediatric and lay counsellors. 

As a result of this regular exposure to accounts of abuse, distress and trauma, Save the Children has committed to provide regular staff debriefing and counsellors supervision in an effort to alleviate burn outs and secondary trauma as well as increasing staffs effectiveness and wellbeing. 

Save the Children is seeking a consultant counsellor to conduct debriefing for staff over four days. 

The Consultant Counsellor will travel to Dadaab and back by air and will spend four days residing in the Dadaab Save the Children compound, in full adherence to Save the Children’s Code of Conduct, Child Safeguarding Policy, Data Protection and Information Sharing Protocol and Safety and Security Rules. 

The Counselling Consultant will also liaise with the Save the Children’s National Child Protection Advisor who will conduct regular group discussions with staff regarding specific protection concerns they are addressing. 
Save the Children is seeking the services of a specialist in Counselling Supervision, Individual Counselling and Group debriefing for Dadaab child protection programme team including the Counsellors as follows:-
  • Provision of group debriefing for case workers and community outreach staffs (72staffs) - 2 days.
  • Provision of one-on- one Supervision sessions with the four Paediatric and lay Counsellors to support them in their technical functions as specialized counsellors in Garissa (1 day).
  • Provision of group debriefing and individual counselling for officers, coordinators and managers (32 staffs) in Garissa (1 day).
  • Provision of a two-page report on the visit covering any challenges faced by the consultant, general challenges of staff that can be shared for follow up, key observations and requirements for future visits or recommendations for Save the Children’s support to the Counsellors (one morning – morning includes return travel to Nairobi).
Total number of days: 4 working days, half day travel x2.
  • Training and experience in the provision of counselling supervision 
  • Extensive training and experience in the provision of psychotherapy to children and their families
  • High capacity in building trust and rapport on an individual basis and in groups working together in teams under high stress
  • Extensive experience in the provision of psychotherapy to caregivers working with children experiencing abuse
  • Understanding of the stresses of working in remote, insecure and hostile environments, such as Dadaab
  • Demonstrated competence working across Kenyan dynamic cultures, as well as age and gender barriers, and accommodating for these dynamics during group sessions
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Kiswahili
  • Strong sense of professionalism and observance of counselling ethics
  • Must be an accredited counsellor in Kenya (Kenya Counsellors and Psychologist Association-KCPA former KCA) and a post graduate degree holder.
  • Direct experience in child protection and gender-based violence programming
  • Appreciation of the importance of community and child participation when working to create behaviour change, raise awareness and protect children
  • Understanding of the importance and means of ensuring accountability to beneficiaries during programming
  • Experience working in North Eastern Province or with Somali communities
  • Previous experience working with Save the Children
The application process is now open and will close on 25th October 2013 at 5.00 p.m. 

To apply for this position, please fill the attached EoI (click here to download the EoI form) , send a short cover letter and CV to Kenya.jobapplications@savethechildren.org indicating the position title on the subject line.