Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vetworks Value Chain Competitiveness and Gender Advisor Job in Nairobi Kenya

Job Title: Value Chain Competitiveness and Gender Advisor

Number of Position Open:

Location: Nairobi

Closing date: Open but  required immediately or before 17th April 2014

Summary: Vetworks Eastern Africa is an organisation working in livestock sector.

  • To support livestock market development activities targeting women and youth
  • Lead value chain assessments, training and ensure the diffusion of  value chain diagnostics, mapping, action planning, and business-to-business matching capacities.
  • Facilitate market driven linkages between smallholder farmers, input/output dealers, wholesalers, processors, and marketers;
  • Promote financial lending to livestock enterprises, including increasing the products that are used for financing beyond inventory credit and warehouse receipts.
  • Oversee Livestock production activities, focused on “best bet”  livestock technologies with county-level working groups to spur sector-wide innovation with project partners;
  • Facilitate implementation of approved workplan activities to improve the competitiveness of livestock products value chains;
Experience: 5 year experience in implementing agricultural/livestock market development projects; Value chain assessment, community development, project design and development.

Skills and Certification:  Degree level in academics in any or combination of the following; Agribusiness; Livestock development, Livestock value chain development, Knowledge of rural pastoral areas in Kenya,  innovative project design, development and proposal writting.

How to apply: Interested people to send application with a CV to vetworks_ea@yahoo.co.uk; admin@vetworks-ea.org: administration@vetworks-ea.org.