Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Sanergy Insights & Innovations Manager Job in Kenya

Job Description: Insights & Innovations Manager

Insights & Innovations

Reports to: Founders

Company Description: 
Sanergy is an award-winning social venture that makes hygienic sanitation accessible and affordable in Africa’s urban slums for everyone, forever. 

Our systems-based approach to solving the sanitation crisis involves five key steps: we build a dense network of franchised micro-entrepreneurs, who operate low-cost, high-quality waterless sanitation facilities – called Fresh Life – as small businesses. 

We provide critical support services – such as access to finance, training, marketing and business analytics. We collect the waste regularly and safely remove it from the community. 

We convert the waste into valuable by-products, such as organic fertilizer and renewable energy. Finally, we sell the byproducts to Kenyan farms. 

Since November 2011, we have launched over 425 Fresh Life Toilets to a network of 220 micro-entrepreneurs. We have collected and converted over 2500 tonnes of waste.

We are an increasingly sophisticated, highly intricate organization. In order to manage our strategic planning, evaluate and develop new models for growth, and improve operational efficiency, we formed the Insights and Innovations team. 

The I&I team works with the operational & management teams to design, research and develop business improvements that drive the expansion of our sustainable sanitation model.

Role & Responsibilities:

The Sanergy I&I Manager, a full-time position based in Nairobi, Kenya, is responsible for developing and driving the success of the I&I division. 

The right candidate is a highly organized, articulate conceptual thinker who has the proven ability to implement projects successfully. 

They also will have excellent analytical skills, a passion for using data to improve operations and inform strategy, and the desire to apply her/his background.

To achieve this , the Manager will  lead a dynamic team of Senior Associates, Associates and Analysts. 

This work will have a significant impact on the growth of Sanergy, not just from a day-to-day perspective, but also in terms of environmental, social and economic impact for residents of informal settlements.

Key Skill Requirements: 
The Insights and Innovations Manager will not only have high levels of the following skills but will also be able to develop them to the same level in the I&I team:
Excellent analytical skills – data collection, statistics, data modelling, multivariable models;
Experiment design experience – causal modelling, observational studies, A/B testing, randomised control trials;
Consulting experience – how to manage projects, break down problems, develop methodologies, frameworks and develop implementation plans,
Human centred design skills – understanding and working with users, how to get to the why rather than the what and developing design innovations from this information;
Resoundingly pragmatic;
Hold a continuous, restless desire to improve yourself, your project teams, and your organization;
Deep-rooted empathy and humility;
Superior verbal and written communication; multi-tasking, organizational skills are necessary;
Extensive experience in client management;
Proven ability to think strategically and creatively;
MBA or equivalent leadership experience.
More qualitatively, we are looking for someone who has the desire to take on a whole new challenge in a whole new context, a tenacity and drive to keep going in the face of frustrations and set backs inevitable in working in a developing country and in a new and exciting sector. 

We believe that we are on the cusp of transformative change, if you believe you have the skills that will help deliver that transformation, join us!  

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