Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wananchi Group Leads Management Analyst Job in Nairobi Kenya

Wananchi Group (K) Ltd

Job Title: Leads Management Analyst  


Location: Gateway park, Msa Road 

Employment Status / Type: Contract

Position Reporting to: Back Office Supervisor

Manages Others: no

Job Purpose / Summary: The purpose of this role is to provide support to the sales organization by analyzing and managing all the leads and sales opportunities collected by the different sales channels and making sure they are closed/followed through for increased sales production..
Key Roles:

  • To develop manage and update a leads database to sales opportunity tracking.
  • To collect and consolidate leads produced by all the sales channels on a daily basis and report on convertion ratio.
  • To analyse sales opportunities per node and progress on penetration with a view to provide information that would help sales teams increase productivity.
  • To compile sales data on trends for new areas and provide relevant reports to guide sales actions.
  • To coordinate with the different sales channels and analyse sales opportunities per area to provide accurate penetration targets to increase sales.
  • To analyse competition in the different areas of sales and provide feedback on how to improve the sales strategies for higher market share.
  • To analyse product uptake in different regions ( nodes) and provide a report to show impact of different packages and or price points vs service uptake.
  • To coordinate pre-sales for new RFS areas before release and follow up on closure after release
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Updated Leads database with weekly/monthly status of each lead/prospect
  • Improved leads to sales closing ratio for the different sales channels.
  • Accurate penetration report/status per node.
  • Product uptake report by package per month per node.
  • Increased Pre-sales in upcoming areas of construction.
Closing date: 19th March 2014

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