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Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) County Focal Points Jobs in Kenya

GYCA County Focal Points

About GYCA
: The Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (GYCA) is a program of the Public Health Institute (PHI). GYCA is a youth-led network of more than 7500 young leaders and adult allies working on youth and HIV/AIDS in over 170 countries worldwide. 

Its North Secretariat is based in New York, and its South Secretariat is based in Accra, Ghana. GYCA recognizes the potential of young leaders as the best force to address HIV and AIDS in their own communities, and empowers them with the knowledge, skills, resources and opportunities they need to scale up their initiatives.  

Three main areas of focus guide GYCA’s work: networking and sharing of best practices; technical assistance and capacity building; and political advocacy.

Our Members

GYCA members are young people and adult allies from over 170 countries worldwide. Anyone can join. GYCA members are engaged on a wide range of HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights issues, from sex education to ARV treatment access to maternal health. 

GYCA defines young people as ages 15-30. Young people living with HIV and/or those who identify as sex workers, men who have sex with men, injecting drug users and other marginalized youth, are encouraged to join.
The Focal Points Program

GYCA is committed to working with and for key affected populations of youth, such as young people living with HIV, injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, sex workers, young women, and youth in resource-constrained areas, and aims to create meaningful youth-adult partnerships. 

We work closely with 12 young community advocates serving as Regional Focal Points (RFPs) and approximately 50 serving as National Focal Points (NFPs) globally.

GYCA is currently recruiting County Focal Points (CFP) for a two-year term. Each term, the CFP undergoes a mid-term review (to take place in at the end of that year) to assess and confirm each CFP for the following year. This is a call to all young people interested in taking a leadership role with GYCA by applying to be a GYCA CFP.

Principle Functions of National Focal Points:
As a relatively decentralized network, GYCA relies upon the enthusiasm and commitment of its members to steer and develop the Coalition. 

The principle function of the NFPs is to engage GYCA members within their country, organize local meetings, events, and campaigns, and assist in mapping and networking. 

The NFP should believe in GYCA’s overall goals, operate from a framework of human rights, have experience in an HIV/AIDS related field and be committed to GYCA’s growth and sustainability.

Additionally, CFPs are responsible for building a cohesive national network within their countries that will collectively form the regional network through existing GYCA membership, through local NGOs and grassroots organizations, and through international partnerships with organizations that work in the region on youth and HIV/AIDS issues. 

The RFP along with GYCA secretariats will provide technical support in fundraising efforts led by CFPs to subsidize their own costs and will assist them in finding funding opportunities. 

Ideally, NFPs should work out of a host organization and should be willing to help introduce GYCA to their local networks and community resources. 

Additionally, GYCA seeks CFPs that can commit to at least a one-year contract on a voluntary basis, after which they are strongly encouraged to re-apply.


Although all the CFP work is primarily voluntary, the role is provided with a variety of visibility and networking opportunities. 

CFPs have been and will be offered complimentary opportunities to represent GYCA and their national work at international conferences and events, to take part in regional and international trainings, and so on. 

GYCA Secretariats and RFPs also assist in supporting NFPs’ local projects whenever possible. Since GYCA is a young but growing coalition, CFPs have a significant degree of input into GYCA’s Kenya activities and programming.

Duties and Responsibilities of NFPs:
  • Keep in regular touch with GYCA- NFP and update him or her on a monthly basis through brief reports;
  • Together with RFP, develop a work plan and adhere to it;
  • Be available for strategic meetings (online, by phone, or in person) with other members of your regional team;
  • Reach out to other GYCA members in your country to organize events, trainings, and campaigns;
  • Organize local gatherings with youth and inform them about opportunities, events and resources. CFPs will be assisted in this process by our strategic partners, and may be able to use the facilities of UN country offices and local NGOs;
  • Undertake outreach and communication with GYCA members in their countries, to ensure equal focus and representation related to national needs, challenges and activities;
  • Represent GYCA and its objectives of empowering youth working in HIV/AIDS at any relevant national conferences and events;
  • Conduct research on organizations working in their countries on youth and HIV/AIDS issues, make contact with such organizations, and include them in GYCA’s interactive global directory of youth HIV/AIDS organizations and programmes; do inform your RFP through the brief monthly reports
  • Assist GYCA in its ongoing efforts to reach marginalized youth at the grassroots level;
  • Contribute material for the bi-monthly newsletter, GYCAWire
  • Contribute national HIV-related news and relevant resources for the GYCA website
  • Submit a brief report and pictures of conferences/important meetings attended;
  • Contribute to capacity building – including partaking in available GYCA e-courses, where possible, translate and/or facilitate the e-courses;
  • Inform your RFP of future travel plans or absence in advance.
  • It is strongly encouraged that you build strong working relationships with your National HIV/AIDS Commission/Council/Department
  • Participate in a National Chat with your NFP
  • Identify funding opportunities in your country and inform your NFP and GYCA staff about it to assist in building those partnerships
  • It is strongly suggested that you keep records of all contacts and information as NFP to share with other NFPs and staff when requested
VI. Criteria for Application:
  • Be a GYCA and TIG member with a detailed profile [1]
  • Candidate is a youth aged 18-28;
  • Has reliable internet access, at least every other day (4 days a week);
  • Can use Microsoft Word and Internet effectively;
  • Is willing to work on a voluntary basis for about 5-8 hours per week;
  • Commitment for at least a year
  • Can understand and communicate effectively in English [2];
  • Works with youth and with vulnerable populations;
  • Professional, responsible attitude, working well with others;
  • Agrees to consult with GYCA Staff before using GYCA’s logo and materials and regarding sensitive communication;
  • Focus on HIV/AIDS and/or on related focus such as sexual and reproductive health, development, poverty, or human rights;
Please look at the information and criteria listed below and send a cover letter and CV to if you are interested, committed, and eligible. 

[1] Become a TIG member by going to and signing up for free.

[2] The majority of GYCA and the international HIV/AIDS community’s communication is in English, though in some regions (Latin America, Central Africa) other languages are primarily used, and so English fluency is not required. Applicants with fluency in Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian, Kiswahili and other languages are encouraged to apply.